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Welcome to the Sweat-Monkey Stuff Web site, the home of funky sports accessories.

Sweat-Monkey Stuff is an online store established in 2012.  We provide funky, fun accesories for working out.  Our items are available for online purchase from our webstore. 

The story behind Sweat-Monkey Stuff . . . 

The idea for Sweat-Monkey Stuff came from a need for an exercise towel that would keep the hands free while running or working out.  I am a runner (really more of a slow jogger), and am always struggling with the sweat running down my face and getting into my eyes.  Ugh, that feeling when the sweat drips into the eyes and then the burn begins!  I also don't really like carrying things in my hand when I run, like my cell  phone, or key, or id.  This is how the concept of the wrist exercise towel was born.  The towel is designed to hang off of the wrist and hold a cell phone in one pocket, with an additional pocket for other personal belongings, such as a key, radio, money or identification.  Several different prototypes were made before the final design was adopted. 

Our featured item is the Sweat-Chimp Wrist Exercise Towel (patent pending), but stay tuned for more items to come in the future.  

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